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Fahmi Reza’s ‘Dengki Ke?’ Case Has Been Dropped & Classified As NFA

today25 August 2021


source: Twitter @kuasasiswa

In case you missed it, back in April, political illustrator Fahmi Reza landed himself in hot water when he created a Spotify playlist titled, ‘Dengki Ke?’ which was in response to Queen Tengku Azizah’s comment on her Instagram.

The comment was a reply to an Instagram user asking the Queen about her chef’s vaccination. Instead of giving a straight answer, she replied with, “Dengki ke?” (Are you jealous?)

Using that as inspiration, Fahmi created the playlist and used a portrait of the Queen as the playlist’s cover. Of course, this did not bode very well for the controversial artist.

Saya menanggung persepsi rakyat terhadap calon Pas di Pasir Mas' | Astro Awani
source: Astro Awani

Pasir Mas MP Ahmad Fadhli bin Shaari lodged a police report against Fahmi, citing that he was insulting the royal institution and ever since then, Fahmi has been called into the station several times over sedition charges.

Today, the charges against him have been dropped and will no longer be…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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