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Father Mourns 19-Year-Old Daughter’s Death From Drunk Driving Accident

today8 October 2021


Our parents often nag us about our whereabouts and it usually goes in one ear and out the other. But one thing always sticks; “Drive safe!”

Yesterday morning an unfortunate accident occurred outside the Sungai Ramal rest stop at 12am, involving four friends who went out for supper and drinks.

The driver lost control of the car and crashed into a barrier. The impact ejected 19-year-old Tan Ho Ying from the car and her body landed underneath the vehicle.

Her friends were left injured and Ho Ying was devastatingly the casualty of the accident. Police officials reported that she had already passed by the time they arrived.

The police also confirmed that the driver had been drunk, which points to the cause of the accident. According to a Facebook post, the driver was not Ho Ying herself.

Source: China Press

“Don’t do dangerous things,” says Mr Tan, Ho Ying’s father, who wrote on Facebook and pleaded others to not make the same mistake.


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Written by: Quinny Tan