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Fireman Awarded And Praised For Saving Woman From Suicide Attempt At Penang Bridge

today23 May 2022


A fireman who prevented a woman from leaping off the Penang bridge on Saturday (21 May) was awarded today as part of the 2022 World Firefighters Day commemoration.

Syahir Jamaludin, 31, expressed gratitude for the accolade and enthusiasm at the opportunity to improve the fire department’s reputation.

β€œAround 3 p.m. while I was returning to the island from Seberang Prai, I noticed a disturbance on the bridge, I proceeded to pull over to the side of the road. I witnessed a woman trying to jump from the bridge, and some members of the general public were having to persuade her not to,” he said.

Upon obtaining a special certificate of appreciation from housing and local government ministry secretary-general M Noor Azman Taib, he told reporters, β€œI merely put into practise what I had learned from the training…

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Written by: Lara Lee

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