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Fireworks Disposal Site Blaze In Sentul Leaves Three Men Injured, 50 Vehicles Torched

today27 April 2022


Yesterday, a fire broke out inside a police evidence storage yard in Sentul, alleged to be storing confiscated prohibited items such as fireworks, with eyewitnesses reporting blasts from one of the compound’s buildings.

Heavy smoke billowed from the building’s surroundings, as shown byΒ clipsΒ circulating online.

Over RM4.17 million in fireworks were confiscated in early April. Sentul authorities had permitted members of the press to be present at the yard to witness the disposal of the pyrotechnics.

The scene was verified by Sentul police chief Assistant Commissioner Beh Eng Lai, who stated that three individuals suffered minor torso damage.

source: Wacana

Beh later indicated in a brief media release that the routine operational procedures for disposing of seized illicit goods were in compliance with the…

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Written by: Lara Lee