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J-Hope and Jimin Resort to Asking Their Parents For Help!



No matter who you are, no matter how old you are, we all still need our parents from time to time. 


In an episode of Run BTS!, the boys competed against one another in an “entertainment quiz show.” Divided into three teams, two each, they were given various questions to answer. Failure to correctly guess the answers will cause them to not receive any points.  In the third round, the members were asked about their knowledge of many different Korean province dialects. Jimin, who had been living in Seoul for so long, revealed that he had lost his Busan dialect. He also revealed that most of the words he knew were inappropriate for general audiences, but that’s another story for another time. 


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Meanwhile, J-Hope, who does hail from Jeolla Province, tried giving his best but was left stumped when the questions proved to be trickier than others. In the end, he decided to give his mother a call. Upon seeing this, Jimin decided to ring up his mother as well. 


It’s pretty adorable, really. 

However, due to the bad reception in the location, J-Hope’s call went unanswered. Jimin’s phone call was met with nothing but a dial tone as well. Forming a backup plan, J-Hope dialled his father. And guess what? He picked up! J-Hope’s father came through but was unfamiliar with the phrase in question, despite being a Korean literature teacher. 




However, in the end, everything went well as J-Hope’s team still managed to score a point for the question because his teammate, Jin, was able to guess the meaning of the phrase. You can catch the trailer below!


*Cover image via Soompi


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