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Following the Punishment of a Haircut, M’sian Mother Took to Facebook to Express Anger

today9 June 2022


(Source: SAYS)

Do you remember being subjected to random spot checks in school and burying your phone in the bathroom?

The tradition continues to this day, given the fact that schools are now open and kids no longer have to attend classes virtually.

One parent, on the other hand, is dissatisfied with the standard disciplinary obligation that was imposed on her kid.

(Source: Bangkok Jack)

The mother recently posted on Facebook and shared her displeasure after a teacher cut her son’s hair.

Although the cause for the punishment was not stated, it is possible that it was the result of a random hair spot-check.

The boy’s before and after images were shared in the since-deleted post to demonstrate how severe the punishment was.

“He used to be a happy kid and now he’s not saying a word,” expressed the mother.

According to her, the son is allegedly an obedient child and is also a school prefect that has done nothing but…

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Written by: Aqasha Aiman