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FoodPanda Rider Whips Up Customer’s Roti Canai at Restaurant After Waiting Too Long

today13 October 2021


(source: @broarifffff TikTok / El Mundo Eats)

While many Malaysians appreciate our food delivery riders, some customers aren’t too nice – especially hangry ones! In fact, if riders take too long and the food gets cold, some may not be willing to pay for it. Last-last, riders are the ones that get into trouble.

Not to mention, always having to be on time despite all odds like traffic, the weather and most commonly, restaurants taking too long.

Recently, a food delivery rider went viral on social media platforms when he was seen whipping up a classic roti canai after realising the restaurant the customer ordered from was taking a bit too long to fulfil the order.

Take a look:

@broarifffffJenis tak boleh kena sidai 😅 #fyp #ordertriple #foodpandamalaysia♬ original sound – Muhd Ariff

The clip was uploaded on TikTok by user @broarifffff last week with the caption “the type that can’t be ignored”, and has collected 53.6K…

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Written by: Karissa Lund