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Former TV3 News Anchor Zalina Azman Missing Since November, Home Found in Disorderly State

today19 July 2022


Image via The Vibes

If the name Zalina Azman rings a bell, then you probably remember the ever-popular TV3 personality known for her lively hosting of programmes such as Money Matters.

Unfortunately, a Google search of Zalina will now result in news of her reported disappearance as of November 24 last year.

In the police report, as perΒ Shah Alam District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said, Zalina’s family filed a report stating that her son had been trying to contact his mother for the past 5 days to inform her that his grandfather was admitted to the hospital, but to no avail.

Image via Harian Metro

He confirmed that the police force had been conducting investigations and delving into the most minute details to find the former star, and a check on the house found that its condition was disorderly.

Authorities also found Zalina’s purse comprising of her identity card, driving license, bank card,…

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Written by: Lara Lee