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FT Mufti Bans The Phrase “Rest In Peace,” Turkish Scholar Deems This As “Religious Exclusivism”

today20 September 2022


Photo: Federal Territories Mufti Luqman Abdullah/Facebook
Source: Federal Territories Mufti Luqman Abdullah Facebook

The Latin originated phrase “rest in peace” has been used in many contexts on social media, but it’s intended use was to lay rest to the dead and wish the soul of those deceased eternal rest and peace.

And sometimes we use it for memes, but anyways…

According to Malaysia’s Federal Territories Mufti Luqman Abdullah, Muslims are not allowed to say the phrase to non-Muslims.

The statement was released in lieu of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, with timelines filling up with people sending their condolences to the Royal family.

It said that Muslims are forbidden to plead for forgiveness on behalf of those who practice different religions. Apparently, there are several hadiths and verses from the Quran that say Islam does not accept the forgiveness of those who die as non-Muslims.

“Thus, there is no need to seek forgiveness on their behalf,” said…

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Written by: Quinny Tan