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Full-Time M’sian Twitch Streamers Tells Us How They Made Bank During The Lockdown

today6 August 2021


As restrictions tighten around the seemingly never-ending pandemic, Malaysians are looking towards pursuing a Twitch career, regardless of being a gamer or not.

Twitch has predominantly been a video game-live streaming platform for the 10 years it has been live. Only recently has the site been flooding with other creative content, and Malaysians are taking a liking to this. 

JUICE recently interviewed two budding Malaysian Twitch full time streamers and here’s what they have to say…

“Many fresh graduates are finding it difficult to find jobs in the market. Most folks from the entertainment industry are starting up Twitch as well since their usual work environment has closed down,” says local Twitch streamer Daniel Chin, who goes by the moniker AnehChan123.

With the lack of physical socialisation, Twitch offers an interactive space where streamers have formed communities of their own and made connections with Malaysians all…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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