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Giant Launched New Campaign: Harga Lagi Rendah Lagi Lama

today2 December 2021


Just last week, Douglas Lim from FlyFM had an interview with Mr. Lee Yik Hun, Giant’s Marketing Director for Food and Own Brand, Southeast Asia, DFI Retail Group for Giant new campaign called Harga Lagi Rendah Lagi Lama that has been officially launched on 11th November 2021. This new campaign has seen Giant lowering the prices of everyday essentials across selected fresh and grocery items at every Giant and Giant Mini store all over the country for at least 6 months from 11th November 2021 to 30th April 2022.

Mr. Lim has stated in the interview that Giant has invested over MYR 22 Million in its mission to reduce the price of essential items and keeping it low for a longer period under Harga Lagi Rendah Lagi Lama campaign. He mentioned that many programs out there are usually short-term and emphasized the importance of having an offer that lasts longer so the customers can enjoy the offers every day.

In the interview, Mr. Lim was asked about what has prompted Giant to come up with the Harga Lagi Rendah Lagi Lama campaign. He said, it was to reach out to customers and help these people during this hard time where the commodity costs are rising. Thus, an “everyday low-price program” was proposed and later named Harga Lagi Rendah Lagi Lama which offers low-price everyday essentials for 6 months. He then added that the campaign would also benefit not just the customers but also the kinds of suppliers and farmers since they will be actively involved in the collaborations.



Moreover, Giant has also come up with a new logo with the intention of bringing the essence of Giant to more customers. Mr. Lim talked about how the rebranding is meant to share the passion of Giant as one of Malaysia’s leading food value retailers which is trust and service towards their customers. It is to make sure that the customers can enjoy the best quality of product with the best value. This whole rebranding said Mr. Lim is to renew all these promises.

Not just that, Giant has also introduced its own brand called Meadows which based on the premises of Award-Winning Quality and Award-Winning Taste. One of the products is truffle chip that only costs MYR 2.15 and it comes with different shapes and sizes that customers can try.

When asked about the plan of extending the Harga Lagi Rendah Lagi Lama campaign, Mr. Lim said that it all comes down to customer reactions towards the campaign. Yet, he mentioned how he would be happy to extend the campaign and add more products to it if it is to be continued in the future.

The interview ended with a short wish from Mr. Lim to Malaysians that says “We are closing to the end of the tunnel on the pandemic, so the stress of groceries shopping shouldn’t be one of it. You shouldn’t have to worry about the prices of your essentials going up because Giant is here with a promise to keep the prices low”.

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Written by: Syauqi Shamsul

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