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Group Of Lawyers Release Statement On How Things Should’ve Been Done

today21 November 2022


Forming a government after a hung Parliament | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)
Source: FMT

In the midst of all the political confusion and turmoil the nation is facing, constitutional lawyer New Sin Yew breaks down how he thinks the new government could be formed.

On 19 November we exercised our constitutional right to vote and broke the scale for the biggest turnout ever, but now it seems that we have to decide on which coalitions to combine to form the best outcome for the country.

New Sin Yew says that, “The incumbent BN+PN+GPS govt is currently at an advantage because together they form the biggest bloc.”

“They can negotiate among themselves to obtain the simple majority that is needed to form the government and appoint a PM.”

Source: Twitter BFM

There is a convention that the party with the most seats should be given the first opportunity to form the government, but the PN+BN+GPS bloc is bigger than PH. So, what now?

The Federal Constitution is silent on how to deal with a hung Parliament,…

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Written by: Quinny Tan