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Has GE15 Caused You Period Cramps & Stress? Get Yourself A Hot Water Bottle & Scented Candle

today24 November 2022


Teachers Are Anxious and Overwhelmed. They Need SEL Now More Than Ever. |  EdSurge News
source: EdSurge

Sitting idly in a constant state of unrest and uncertainty can cause mood swings and even physical duress.

This is why the 15th General Elections and hung parliament might have caused some people to suffer from serious discomfort – especially since since of us have to deal with irregular periods that tragically come hand-in-hand with the unfortunately predictable cramps.

Are you or your loved ones going through this right now? Well, don’t fret because JUICE is always here to help.

Previously, we’ve rounded-up our thoughts on the menstrual cup by local store, Bloody Goodshop and now we’re recommending their Christmas promotion which is conveniently appropriate now despite it still being November.

Touted as the β€œself-care pack for her”, this new gift box comes with a hot water bottle for period pain relief as well as a festive scented candle in a beautiful red jar.

The anger you feel at the…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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