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Here Are 8 Potential Price Hikes Coming Up In July

today24 June 2022


source: Khaleej Mag

Amidst daily developments across the globe, including agricultural changes, tech advancements, nation-to-nation disputes and the eternal strain the Covid-19 pandemic has left behind, it is inevitable for these shifts to begin impacting our daily lives.

Unfortunately, these issues seem to have a chokehold on even the most basic human necessities.

Here’s a round-up on 8 potential price hikes coming up in July that have been announced so far:

1. New Proton vehicles

source: CarLogos

Proton Holdings Bhd has reportedly decided not to increase the prices of its automobiles, with the exception of the new X70 and the newly introduced Saga, due to a sudden increase in production costs.

However, as the prices of raw materials keeps rising and the sales tax exempt status expires, a price hike for new Proton cars and other auto manufacturers appears inevitable.

Nonetheless, Proton deputy chief executive officer Roslan…

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Written by: Lara Lee