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Here’s the full lineup for #Urbanscapes2018!

Here’s the full lineup of Urbanscapes 2018 – Malaysia’s longest running creative arts festival!




Here’s the full lineup of Urbanscapes 2018 – Malaysia’s longest running creative arts festival!

In the spirit of this year’s Urbanscapes theme #REIMAGINEKL, by focusing on the never ending sprouts of creative culture in Kuala Lumpur. Sharing original exhibition and installation at venues all across the city, from ChinaTown to Medan Pasar, to River of Life and Chin Woo Stadium will come to life with attainable art and music.

This event has brought in international and local creative individuals over to the heart of KL for the 2018 Urbanscapes.

Read further if you want to find out how you can win your tickets!



Image result for khalid

A little known fact about Khalid, the 19 year old is a five time Grammy Nominee! In his much awaited KL-debut, we bet the R&B singer will be serenading you with hit songs like ‘Location’ which has accumulated over 313 Million views on YouTube and 560 Million Spotify streams.


Wolf Alice

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They are a British four piece alternative Rock Band from North London. The band has been around for the past 6 years now! ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’, ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’, and ‘Bros’ are the many few that rockers have pounded their heads too and also those songs have garnered over 4 Million views on YouTube respectively! Don’t forget to witness the number two band in the UK Album Charts in the flesh!



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Malaysian artist Airliftz is loved by a lot of his fans and the people around him and the reason being is that he is unabashedly himself and above everything else he is a self-taught! Catch him perform his famous hits from his recent album Bagel. ‘Appreciate’ alone can get you in the mood to get together with the people around you and appreciate art itself.


Midnight Fusic

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Malaysian Band Midnight Fusic comprises of 4 boys that create alternative rock songs. The Petaling Jaya based rockers signed to Sony and launched their debut Single ‘Heart of May’ in September last year that has garnered tones of listeners and fans to their songs! Sing along to Midnight Fusic, trust me you wouldn’t want to miss these boys live!


Bil Musa

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25 year old Bil Musa is known for her musical style as “chilled” and “dreamy”, without a doubt it sounds exactly as she describes! The indie artist is signed to none other than Yuna’s Recording Company, Yuna Room Records! Very much like her personality the artist sings and writes songs that has a pinch of sass.


Alex TBH

Image result for alex TBH

“Sadboi” is a term that simply means: R&B and rap music by male musicians with a decidedly sad but romantic streak. Some of the better known acts of the genre include mopey American rapper Drake and Swedish rapper Yung Lean and now Malaysian rapper Alex TBH also famously know as Malaysian “Sadboi”. Having experience live performances before, he is one act you wouldn’t want to miss out! As a hopeless romantic he captures his listener’s heart with songs such as ‘Stoop So Low’.


Seven Collar T shirt

Image result for Seven Collar T shirt

The band who first started playing 10 years ago in the underground circuit, Seven Collar T-shirt sets revolve around slow burning jams and moody vocals. They are unafraid to get down and deep with their emotions and expressing raw feelings.



Image result for PITAHATI

INDIE five-piece Pitahati is Malaysia’s freshest, most promising face of Malay-language rock. One the first to approach psychedelic rock with a uniquely nusantara vision, the band rose to prominence in 2014 when they were contracted to score Nik Amir Mustapha‘s Terbaik Dari Langit. Their work went on to receive a nod at last year’s Festival Filem Malaysia, pushing the band into mainstream awareness.


Image result for TILU

TILU is a well renowned love-pop, funky jazzy band consisting of 7 members from two countries; Malaysia and our neighbouring country Indonesia. Their song ‘Ku Bukan Aku’ has gathered over 1 Million views!



Urbanscapes isn’t just an event that focuses on purely music but also presenting to the people talented creative individuals. Here are a 2 of the many other visual artist you wouldn’t want to miss

Alena Murang

Image result for ALENA mURANG

Alena Murang is a woman with many talent, well known for her painting and music played by the traditional music instrument Kelabit of the people in Borneo! Born and bred in Kuching, Sarawak, Alena has been a performer since a young age. Her beautiful paintings will be displayed at Urbanscapes 2018.


Sofia Haron

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Sofia Haron is a visual artist who is a rising talent worth mentioning. Having majoring in painting and ceramic she has created eye dropping pieces that have left many people in awe of her talent at such a young age. Her style of work is playing with mixed media material. She likes to experiment with her style and techniques.



At Urbascapes 2018 you will also be able to find enterprises and individuals selling their arts and products that they have poured every ounce of dedication and sleepless nights for. Here are a few inspiring people who simply want to share their talent with you!

Biji- Biji Initiative

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This is an enterprise that focuses on sustainable living and making the world we live in a better place one reusable item at a time. By purchasing their products you contribute points to the organisation. These points help Biji- Biji Initiative to provide enterprising opportunities to more people and amplify the social impact they aspire to make.


Bono Stellar

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Nawwar Shukriah Ali might be a name that you will immediately recognise. Only if you have been paying attention to the home grown names in the design and multidisciplinary art community in the last few years. While balancing her studies, store and design projects in late 2011, she officially started Stellar Design, which was a space where she could vent for her own creations and experiments ranging from interior design to art installations. In 2016, she also exhibited two installations at the Hin Bus Depot art space in George Town.


Check out the full lineup at: 


Your exclusive tickets to watch Khalid, Wolf Alice, Bodega, Se So Neon, Phum Viphurit, Midnight Fusic, Bil Musa is on us!

When you hear any 2 Urbanscapes acts played back to back on Fly FM, be the 5th caller thru at 03 7724 1144 to win! Plus, you’ll also walk away with a curated Fly FM x Urbanscapes Festival Survival Kit!



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