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How ‘A Ghost Story’ Beautifully Captures the Pain of Moving On & Grieving a Loved One’s Death

today21 September 2023


Death is inevitable and most of us tend to tread carefully when discussing the taboo subject because we don’t know what happens after a person takes their last breath.

However, what is certain about death is the grieving process that follows those who are left behind and are forced to continue living without the presence of someone they once deeply cared about.

If you’ve ever felt empty and depressed after the death of a loved one, you’ll understand how difficult it is to move on and accept your new reality—a world that no longer allows you to communicate with someone who was once a big part of your life.

The unanswered questions we humans have about the afterlife are the central theme of David Lowery’s 2017 film, A Ghost Story, a must-see cinematic masterpiece for those longing for closure.

Disclaimer: The plot of the film is heavily discussed in this article in order to showcase its psychological impact on the…

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Written by: Aqasha Nur’aiman