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In Need of a Getaway? Here’s How You & Your Friends Can Win Jameson’s 2D1N Glamping Trip in Perak

today12 May 2022


Glamping is where rugged, beautiful nature meets luxury amenities. Think of it as a way to experience untouched parts of this world without sacrificing comfort and peace of mind. It may not be as authentic as camping, but hey, it’s a whole lot less stressful!

Now, who’s up for a much needed Joliday that involves just that?

Jameson will be hosting the ultimate Glamping Experience from 24 to 26 June set in the stunning, tropical surroundings of Perak and you can join in the fun by simply entering their Joliday contest!

You can expect to enjoy a mixture of exciting activities over a 2D1N trip including whitewater rafting, an evening of delicious BBQ food, and classic Jameson Bond & Connect games for 1 night. You will also party under the stars with live DJ sessions and performances featuring local talents including Aidaho, Vanns Ngo, Talitha., Saint Kylo, Roshan, and Reeve.

“Jameson believes that unspoken bonds happen…

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Written by: Karissa Lund

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