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Indian Family Seeks Son Missing in M’sia After Job Venture

today12 January 2024



source: Instagram

A recent Instagram post shared by @officialhumansofbombay details the heart-wrenching ordeal faced by an Indian family desperately seeking their missing son, Mani.

Two years ago, Mani embarked on a promising seafarer job in Malaysia, recommended by a friend already working on a ship. His departure on 22 September 2022, marked the beginning of a troubling chapter for his family.

Initially, Mani maintained regular contact with his family, a reassuring routine that abruptly ended after the first 15 days. The family’s distress deepened when Mani failed to acknowledge his sister’s birthday, a significant departure from his usual behaviour.

Seeking clarity, Mani’s mother reached out to the job agent, hoping for information about her son’s sudden silence.

The agent’s response added a layer of shock and despair to the family’s situation. Initially stating, ‘”Your son has fallen off the ship,’”…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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