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Influencer Might Face 6 Months Jail Time For Excel Sheet Created To Shame Singaporean Dating Pool

today20 October 2021


Source: The Straits Times

Singaporean influencer Koh Boon Ki made a controversial TikTok on Sunday (October 17) to discuss an idea she had; creating a group chat for girls in Singapore to discuss their dating experiences with guys from dating apps.

The group chat would consist of an excel sheet to gather information such as full names of the guys, a short description of their supposed wrongdoings, and links to their social media profiles.

This idea eventually took off and was then created on the messaging app Telegram on that same day, where girls from all over Singapore would exchange stories about their experiences.

Source: Coconuts

In the TikTok itself, Koh explained that girls all around Singapore have probably been talking to the same people anyway.

β€œI’m done finding out the red flags on my own. Just tell me all before I even start talking to him. Let’s save everybody some time!”

Note that in the caption she wrote, β€œThe guys have worse…

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Written by: Quinny Tan