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International School Students Accused Of Selling Minors’ Nudes For Prices Starting From USD10

today23 September 2021


Source: iStock

An accusation has been made towards two students from an international school in the Klang Valley for allegedly spreading, selling and trading nude pictures of underaged girls online.

Twitter user @lordeispoc posted a thread on Monday (20 September), detailing the incident and adding that one of the accused admitted to spreading nude content of minors.

The confession was stated in a video of what looked like a call between one of the victims and the accused, confronting him about what he had done.

“You’ve put me in a vulnerable position where people are making money off of me,” says the victim.

“Did you think that I would’ve known that this would have happened?” responded the accused.

Source: @lordeispoc Twitter

According to FMT, a 17-year-old girl found out two weeks ago that pictures of her were being circulated on an online chat room.

She said one boy traded photographs of her in exchange for pictures of a 14-year-old…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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