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Is This Love? 5 Reality Dating Shows That Are So Bad, You Have To Watch Them

today24 February 2022


Sexy Beasts,' Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle,' more summer TV shows

If you’re anything like me, reality dating series are your guilty pleasure and sometimes you don’t want people knowing you actually indulge in these mind-bending, borderline sane-questioning, series.

Well, I’m here to enable more of this behaviour and give you 5 recommendations of the worst shows I’ve personally ever come across. Let’s dig in:

1. Too Hot To Handle

The premise of Too Hot to Handle, the latest offering in Netflix’s new slate of reality programming, is too bonkers to not be appealing. Ten hot young singles head to an island retreat for what they’ve been told is a reality dating show.

After they arrive and size each other up, meaning they spent the whole day flirting and grinding up on each other, they’re told that there’s a $100,000 prize on the line to be split at the end of the…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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