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Islamic Preacher Firdaus Wong Claims Muslims In Japan Refrain From Partaking In Bon Celebrations

today13 June 2022


source: Kosmo

On Saturday (June 11), Islamic preacher Firdaus Wong published a Facebook post which outlined his conversation with a friend, Salman Kyoichiro Sugimoto, a Muslim currently residing in Japan.

According to the post, Firdaus simply asked Kyoichiro via WhatsApp whether he, as a Muslim revert, would be celebrating Bon Odori.

“Of course not celebrating,” his Japanese counterpart promptly responded.

Firdaus went on to explain that the duo had met while attending the International Dawah Training Program (IDTP) run by Dr. Zakir Naik in Mumbai, India, back in 2016.

“As a convert and a preacher, he strictly advises fellow Muslims not to celebrate Bon Odori.

“In Sha Allah, we may meet in Japan soon,” he added.

Following that, Firdaus posted yet another text conversation today between himself and a Japan-bound Muslim friend named Zulkarnain.

This thread of messages revealed that Zulkarnain had attended Bon…

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Written by: Lara Lee