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Japanese Man Makes Daily Videos Of His Cute Pet Pig That He Plans To Slaughter On Day 100

today1 September 2021


As far as animal cruelty goes, where do we draw the line between morality and mortality?

This Japanese man started recording his 100 day journey with his new โ€œpetโ€ 3 months ago and posted up the videos on YouTube.

The first video shows a 75-day old pig, getting accustomed to its new environment and shown nuzzling up to the owner. In the description, he stated that itโ€™s โ€œa casual daily life until Kalbi is eaten.โ€

The little squealer is named after the Korean word for โ€œribs.โ€ Morbid or ironic?

At the end of each video, he has even attached a countdown to the fateful day when Kalbi is finally slaughtered.

There were already a mix of comments, one of them translating to โ€œeating is love, but itโ€™s also love that you canโ€™t eat.โ€

Since 25 May this year, the pig owner has been documenting and updating daily videos of…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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