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JB Shop Owner Creates Vaccine Kits For The Spirits of Ancestors For Hungry Ghost Festival

today18 August 2021


Source: The Star

Shop owner Raymond Shieh, who specialises in handmade prayer paraphernalia, created handmade paper vaccines so that spirits in the afterlife can be part of the vaccination process too.

The idea came to him after reading many heart-wrenching recollections of those who lost their loved ones before they had a chance to be inoculated.

He said some of his customers encouraged him to make the paper vaccines as they wished to give offerings to their deceased loved ones, along with the wandering spirits for the ongoing Hungry Ghost Festival.

Source: Lions Roar

During the festival, ghosts are believed to return to Earth to haunt the living and people burn paper money, food and incense to pay respects to their ancestors and soothe wandering spirits.

The Hungry Ghost Festival is usually observed throughout the seventh month of the Lunar calendar, which started on 8 August this year.

β€œI felt bad for my customers who told me…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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