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JKM Says Rina Harun Was Cleaning Lizard & Bird Droppings In ‘Water Jet Gate’ Viral Video Stunt

today27 December 2021


Datuk Seri Rina binti Mohd Harun, colloquially known as Rina Harun. (source: mStar)

Rina Harun, the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development has drawn almost constant criticism over the past year for stunts which never seem to come off well.

From appearing in a Hari Raya ad as a Foodpanda rider, to wearing high heels to a flood evacuation centre, Rina’s name has trended on Twitter so many times at this point that it’s almost hard to keep track of it all.

(Source: Twitter / WeirdKaya)

However, her latest stunt may prove the most memorable.

Yesterday, 26 December, a much-shared video emerged on Twitter showing Rina decked out in workout attire using a water jet.

In light of the recent historic floods, you’d presume that the video is of her cleaning a victim’s home – as many hundreds of volunteers have done over the past week – but if you take a closer look, you will find that not only is the floor pavement…

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Written by: Ahmad Hamizan

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