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JUICE Picks Old Skool PS2 Games That Deserve To Be Remastered for PS5… Nostalgia Ahead!

today5 November 2021


PlayStation 2: the 12 Best PS2 Exclusive Games of All Time
Hello darkness my old friend… (source: Business Insider)

Let’s rewind time to the simpler days when life was much easier and games looked clunky and had questionable physics yet brought us the most unadulterated joy.

Here at JUICE, we love waxing nostalgic by reminiscing on childhood TV shows and old skool memorabilia so it comes as no surprise that we would offer you a list of all our favourite PS2 games.

Arguably the best console ever released by Play Station, almost all Malaysians can remember getting bootleg PS2 games for RM10 a pop as if they were sweets at a candy store.

Rushing home to put in that shiny new disk and watching the PS2 load up has got to be one of the most nostalgic experiences of our generation and since life hasn’t been so fantastic for us as adults, let’s take a trip down memory…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli