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JUICE Ranks Episodes From New Season of Netflix Sci-fi Phenomenon, Love Death + Robots

today23 May 2022


Love, Death & Robots Season 3 Reveals Key Art [EXCLUSIVE]

It’s always a cause for celebration when Netflix drops a new season of its beloved sci-fi anthology Love Death + Robots.

JUICE was so impressed by the show’s first season that we even gathered a listicle of our favourite episodes along with illustrations of how we might look like if we were enveloped in the show’s sprawling sci-fi glory.

While the second season of the series was a major letdown – not something to write home about let alone write an article on – we were thrilled to see that the showrunners listened to our qualms and upped the ante for its latest Season 3 release.

Without chattering on for too long, here is our ranked list from our least to most favourite episode of Love Death + Robots Season 3… Minor spoilers ahead.

Night of the Mini Dead

Love, Death and Robots' Volume 3 Episode 4: Night of the Mini Dead Ending Explained - What's on Netflix

Zombies? Overdone. Mini zombies? Go on…

Simplistic and short at only 7 minutes, this aerial look at how quickly zombies can take over the world is fun while it…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli