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Kelantan Faces Possibility Of Sinking Due To Unmanaged Groundwater Extractions

today11 November 2022


source: Quora

Water issues in Kelantan have remained prevalent throughout the years. In September this year, residents took to social media to take a stand against the distribution of polluted water, claiming that they have suffered from skin disorders and other illnesses as a result of that.

At the time, they asserted that none of the authorities had stepped in to help.

Most recently, concerns about subsurface water extraction in the east coast state have been raised by a researcher who has been investigating groundwater flow in Kelantan.

source: NST

According to Yong Chien Zheng, a lecturer in surveying at the University of Otago in New Zealand, unless the state is cautious when harvesting subsurface water, Kelantan may follow in Jakarta’s footsteps and eventually begin to sink. This was stated in today’s issue of The Star.

Kuala Krai had the highest subsidence rate, at 4.22 mm per year, as per Yong’s 17-year study of…

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Written by: Lara Kramer