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Kuman Pictures Decides To Fully Crowdfund “Pendatang”, A Local Movie About Racial Segregation

today25 July 2022


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Source: Kuman Pictures Facebook

Imagine a world where every race is forbidden to have relations, or even just mingle, with other races. Needless to say, there’s already a few outcomes that pop up in your head; riots would happen, some families would be hiding other races to protect them, and human trafficking.

Sound interesting? That’s what the locally produced film, Pendatang, is all about. The movie focuses on a Chinese family who moves into their new home, only to find a Malay girl taking refuge there.

But before you start to search up any illegal streaming sites for the dystopian thriller, the film is actually still in the works and the producers, Kuman Pictures, have decided to crowdfund the project.

According to their Facebook page, the film was not made for commercial purposes and they want their cast and crew to be properly paid. The movie will be uploaded on YouTube for all to watch for free by August 31 next year.