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Leonardo DiCaprio Denies Dating 19-Year-Old But Only Clarifies After The Internet Roasts Him

today10 February 2023



For the past week, the entire Internet has been putting Leonardo DiCaprio, who is 48 years old, on blast for apparently dating a 19-year-old model. He was absolutely getting roasted out there.Β 

However, it was reported that DiCaprio’s source told TMZ that he is not dating the young model.

DiCaprio’s representative made it clear that just because DiCaprio might be seen talking to or sitting next to a young woman, it doesn’t mean that he’s dating her.Β 

That’s a fair point… but let’s take a look at DiCaprio’s dating record. Thankfully, a Redditor made this chart showing DiCaprio’s dating pattern.Β 

He seems to never date anyone over the age of 25.

source: Reddit | u/TrustLittleBrother

As a chronically online person, here are some of the funniest tweets and TikToks reacting to when people found out about DiCaprio β€œdating” someone more than half his age.

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Written by: Charlene Jose