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Local Indie Event Space, Angkasa, Raided, Fined RM50k & Now Faces Possible Shutdown

today25 July 2022


DBKL seals off live music venue Angkasa Space | Malaysia | The Vibes
source: The Vibes

If you’re an avid observer or even participant of the independent music scene in Malaysia, you will most likely be aware of the slew of raids and shutdowns that occurred in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been talked about time and time again, with JUICE even reporting on the grievances faced by local musicians who were directly impacted by this drastic change.

Malaysian live music venue Merdekarya shelves performances indefinitely over licensing woes
source: NME

Most notably, live band hub Merdekarya has been the most outspoken about the challenges they have had to overcome in order to keep their business afloat.

Raided, asked for documentation permits, and threatened with insurmountable fines, Brian Gomez, the organiser for Merdekarya and fellow writer, felt pummelled by the difficulties but through the community’s love for the event hub and numerous creative endeavours, they have found a way to keep the gig scene alive.

source: Angkasa Event Space Facebook

While this may be true for…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli