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Local Redditor Asks ChatGPT To Liken M’sian States To Those In The US & The Results Are Hilarious

today14 March 2023


source: Search Engine Journal

With the rise of AI devices capable of curating creative content and even having conversations with users, you’ve probably been curious about just how much the tool can accomplish.

Apparently, what it lacks in terms of credibility is made up for by its ability to come up with substantially witty and almost rational remarks, such as when requested by a Malaysian Reddit user to list domestic states and point out which ones in the USA were most similar.

The results didn’t disappoint, and ChatGPT even came up with explanations to back up each answer! Check out the list here:

1. Johor – Texas of Malaysia

Dreamstime image.

Both are known for their large size and importance in trade and industry, as well as its distinctive culture and pride in its history.

2. Kedah – Montana of Malaysia

source: Hikers For Life

Both are relatively sparsely populated states with significant agricultural activity…

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Written by: Lara Kramer