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Love & Thunder’ In M’sia, Netizens Allege Nudity Concerns…

today14 July 2022


source: Disney

Since the beginning of the month, Malaysian Marvel fans have been faced with a confusing back and forth as the original premiere date for Thor: Love and Thunder was delayed two whole weeks – from July 7 to July 21.

Via promotional clips of the film, fans worldwide caught a glimpse of a nude Thor, played by heartthrob Chris Hemsworth, filmed from the back and therefore putting his ‘steel buttocks’ on display.

source: Goggler

While the official reason behind the film’s delay in local cinemas has yet to be disclosed, many have speculated that it was most likely due to the mild nudity that did not occur in other Marvel films which have premiered successfully in Malaysia.

However, it has been confirmed that the postponement came from Disney, rather than a government body or other local authority.

Two popular cinema chains, TGV and GSC, both took to Twitter to announce the indefinite rescheduling.

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Written by: Lara Lee