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Malay TikToker Who Wore A Saree To Merdeka Parade Shares The Heartwarming Story Behind it

today2 September 2022


source: The Star

If you thought we were done with all the wholesome Merdeka content, we’re pleased to say you’re mistaken. This touching clip depicting the epitome of racial oneness in the spirit of National Day 2022 is too good not to share!

@diyana.azmi_ Replying to @Omik ♬ Bole Chudiyan – Kavita K. Subramaniam

Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

The story begins when local TikToker Diyana Azmi chose to attend the Merdeka Parade clad in a stunning orange and brown saree. However, Diyana faced some difficulty since it was her first time wearing it, and attempting to tie it on her own following a Youtube tutorial (much, much harder than it looks, iykyk).

With that, she left the house, and eventually came across three Indian women, sporting gorgeous sarees themselves, who complimented her and generously offered to retie the garment for her:

@diyana.azmi_ Kenangan 31 Ogos 2022 Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia .

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Written by: Lara Lee