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Malaysia Airlines Arranges Flight Fully Operated By All-Female Team To Celebrate IWD

today6 March 2023


source: NST

What better way to celebrate women in conjunction with International Women’s Day than to commemorate their abilities and skills?

Malaysia Airlines definitely showcased the talents and roles of their female staff who are killing it in the aviation industry, by launching a special flight operated by a full-female team, from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching.

This is in accordance with their theme β€œEmbrace Equity”.

From check-in through runway taxing and refuelling, the entire flight operations were managed by Malaysia Aviation Group’s (MAG) all-female staff. Aboard the flight, the air crew comprised Captain Noorsazrina Zulkifli as well as second officer Wong Wei Ming.

All passengers on the plane MH2520 received the airline’s iconic Pilot Polly plushie as a memento of the momentous occasion. The teddy bear was launched as part of Malaysia Airlines’ Women’s Day campaign last year.

source: Facebook

This journey also…

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Written by: Lara Kramer