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Malaysia Ranks 13th in ‘Global Instant Noodles Consumption’ & It’s Kinda Sad… Here’s Why

today19 August 2021


(source: Happy Fresh)

No matter where we are, what time it is, who we’re eating with or how it’s prepared, our love for instant noodles will never fade. Although it’s considered a guilty pleasure, some eat these noodles as a cheap way to fill their tummy.

As Malaysians, it’s safe to say that our relationship with instant noodles will live on forever and now, it turns out we are ranked at the 13th spot for global instant noodles consumption. And for a small country, that can be both be impressive and sad…

According to KL Foodie, the World Instant Noodles Association (WINA) said there’s been a huge surge in demand for instant noodles around the world when the Covid-19 pandemic started. Specifically, the consumption demand surged by 14.79% year-on-year in 2020.

While China ranked first in the list, the growth rate in consumption is not as high as that of Vietnam, which ranked third. Around 7 billion packs of instant noodles…

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Written by: Karissa Lund

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