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Malaysian Armed Forces Went Ahead With Flood Rescue After Government Inaction

today21 December 2021


(Source: Samsul Said/Bloomberg)

Reports emerged today alleging that the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) bypassed government directives by going ahead with their response to theΒ recent historic floods, after facing inaction from authorities.

According to Free Malaysia Today, the federal National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) were initially hesitant to engage the military for flood rescue efforts, leaving defence ministry officials frustrated.

β€œIt came to a point, where we (the defence ministry) decided, to hell with NADMA. Flood waters were already rising, we were not going to wait any longer,” they quoted a source close to the matter.

(Source: Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (Facebook))

β€œIt was as if there was no sense of seriousness to the gravity of the situation. Hence, the armed forces and Mindef (the defence ministry) decided to just bulldoze (rescue efforts).”

The military began search-and-rescue operations by Friday…

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Written by: Ahmad Hamizan