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Malaysian Hires 2 Alpacas To ‘Crash’ Sister’s Birthday Bash

today5 January 2024



source: TikTok

Malaysians are big into birthday parties, but one local woman, Komani Ganesan, took celebrations to a whole new level by surprising her sister with an unexpected addition to the guest list – two adorable alpacas!

The 17th birthday party, hosted at their home in Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya, became a furry affair that left everyone in awe.

Documenting the wholesome event on her TikTok page, @komaniganesan, Komani shared how she orchestrated the surprise by hiring two alpacas (named Pearly and Brownie) to join the occasion. The alpacas, guided by their handlers, made a grand entrance into the house’s compound, catching not only her sister, but also the entire family off guard:

@komaniganesan ALPACA in my house!? Was this even real or just a dream 🦙 Thank you @Alpaca Joy Malaysia ♬ original sound – Just Komani

Prior to the furry encounter, Komani highlighted that the alpaca handlers shared essential…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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