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Malaysian Paralympic Attire Reaps Overwhelming Praise

today10 July 2024


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(source: Paralympic Council of Malaysia / X)

The official launch of the Malaysian contingent’s Olympic attire was an absolute disaster, highlighting an ineptitude for good design and absolute disregard for the appearance of our national athletes.

However, we can all breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the Paralympic Council of Malaysia, having just unveiled their official leisure attire for Paris 2024.

We can still be β€˜Harimau Malaya’ and distinctly Malaysian

Muhammad Imaan Aiman, Para Swimmer. (source: Paralympic Council of Malaysia / X)

Straying from the typical (and quite frankly, boring) orange and black tiger stripe motif, the Malaysian Paralympic Council has instead opted for the colours of our beautiful Jalur Gemilang for their official leisure attire. The design retains the tiger stripes while also…

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Written by: Danial Martinus

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