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Man Loses RM30k After It Gets Swapped With Rupiah On Flight

today17 January 2024


(source: Hanson Lu / Unsplash & Paul Yeung / Bloomberg)

A Hong Kong man (identified only as Chow) has found himself HK$48,000 (over RM28,000) poorer after discovering that the cash he brought onto a flight mysteriously disappeared. In its place are some much less valuable Indonesian Rupiah banknotes instead.

According to Sing Tao Daily, Chow boarded an Osaka-bound Hong Kong Airlines flight with his girlfriend and relative. He stuffed a hundred HK$500 bills amounting to HK$50,000, or roughly RM31,000 into his backpack, intending to convert it to yen once he landed in Japan.

In-flight switcheroo

(source: Alexander Schimmeck / Unsplash)

Chow initially stowed the backpack underneath the seat in front of him. But a flight attendant insisted he put it in one of the overhead compartments. He couldn’t put it in the one directly above him, since it was being used to store life vests. This meant that he’d have to store his backpack a…

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Written by: Danial Martinus

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