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Man Who Stabbed Patient At Local Hospital To Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation In Tg Rambutan

today1 March 2023


source: Berita Harian

On February 14, 22-year-old Mohd Khairul Kamul reportedly stabbed another patient three times, out of rage due to his extended wait-time frustration, while seated at the emergency department for hours waiting for an available bed.

Reports confirm that Khairul, who was a psychiatric patient at the hospital, obtained a knife from the staff pantry to commit the act. The victim, Vijayindran Purushothman, who was a dengue patient, sustained injuries to his back and abdomen.

Purushothman underwent surgery due to the knife being lodged directly into his abdomen.

source: MyKMU

Khairul, who was not represented, admitted to the court during the reading of his charge before Nor Rajiah Mat Zin yesterday that he had been hallucinating before committing the act.

He claimed, “I was hearing voices in my head and was hallucinating.”

Invoking Section 342 of the Criminal Process Code, deputy public prosecutor Wan Nur…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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