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Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” Sends Nick Fury Gearing Up For One Last Fight

today23 May 2023


Looks like Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) returned from his relaxing vacation in space and heads straight into chaos.


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In Secret Invasion, Fury is helmed as the main star, following his journey as he faces the threat of the rogue Skrulls. We will also finally learn more about Fury (aside from a glimpse of his past that was featured in Captain Marvel) and will be meeting the people he knew before he even put together the Avengers.

Jackson said,

“We’re also filling in blanks about Fury’s life that we don’t know. We’re meeting people he knew when he was out there on his own, before there were Avengers or anyone else. I had to figure out some stuff and work out some new things, which I’ve been trying to do for a while. It’s great to have an opportunity to find out who he was and delve into how much of a toll his job actually takes on his personal life.”

Interestingly, the tone of Secret Invasion follows that of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which feels more like an espionage thriller. Also starring in this brand new offering is Ben Mendelsohn, Cobie Smulders, Don Cheadle and Martin Freeman.

Check it out when it hits Disney+ on June 21st! In the meantime, you can view the trailer below:

*Cover image via Disney+ / Marvel Studios 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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