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‘Meteor’ Spotted Over Kuching Skies Believed To Be Debris From China’s Long March Rocket

today1 August 2022


Image via Hindustan Times for illustration purposes only.

Netizens were treated to a spectacular sight yesterday (July 31) shortly past midnight when a video recording of what seemed to be a meteor was seen hovering in the sky somewhere in Kuching, Sarawak.

With over 21,000 retweets to date, viewers expressed various speculations of what the object might be, some even believing that it was an indication of extraterrestrial life.

However, it was confirmed the following morning that the strange object was presumed to be debris from China’s Long March rocket.

NASA officially stated that the rocket’s 22.5 tonne core stage re-entered Earth’s atmosphere around 12.45 a.m. on July 31, over the Indian Ocean.

“The clip from Kuching suggests it was high in the atmosphere at the time, any debris may touch down…

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Written by: Lara Lee