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M’sian Catches Couple Fighting In The Car… Here’s How To Report It If It Happens Near You

today30 June 2022


Morning drives to work are stressful enough but this Malaysian ended-up catching a physical altercation while turning into the Kesas Highway towards Shah Alam.

JUICE received this video from a man who prefers to remain anonymous.

According to him, he saw the couple arguing at 8am today (30 June).

Watch it below:

As seen in the video, the male driver began assaulting the female passenger with her trying to defend herself.

Our source then started to honk after witnessing the physical altercation. In the video, he says in Malay, “Look at them, fighting in the car.”

In our short interview with him, he disclosed that the couple seemed to be within their 30s.

It started with a quarrel but it soon led to the beatings.

According to the video, this appears to be a display of assault albeit we are still unsure if it is considered domestic abuse since the identities of the driver and passenger are still unknown.

Kenderaan berat antara punca kesesakan di Lembah Klang - JPJ - Malaysiapost

Fighting in the…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli