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M’sian Endless Runner ‘Please Lah CB’ Is THE Game For People Who Need To Learn Social Distancing

today20 April 2022


Let's Stop Talking About Social Distancing
source: Forbes

Have you ever been out in a public place and there are people who are just all up in your space?

Ever since the pandemic happened, social distancing was enforced to inhibit the spread of the Covid-19 virus but some people apparently think they’re immune and continue to stand so close that you can practically feel the germs settling in and paying rent on your body.

Well, if you’ve ever encountered people like this maybe it’s time to show them this brand new Malaysian game called Please Lah CB.

This endless runner game follows CB which stands for Chee Beng – not c*bai like you might have thought – and we are supposed to help him get home without coming into contact with people who might be infected with the virus.

According to the description on App Store, the game was created by someone without any programming or coding knowledge so take that as you will.

There are no buttons required so all…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli