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M’sian Facebook Group Posting Pictures of Pregnant Women Without Their Consent Gets Shutdown

today3 November 2021


source: Sirap Limau

In today’s episode of “Men Are Trash”, a crackdown on a Malaysian Facebook group called “Koleksi Mak Buyung” found men thirsting over pictures of pregnant women that were uploaded without the owner’s consent.

The posts were usually accompanied by lewd remarks.

One user captioned his upload with “I want to caress her belly until I ejaculate,” while another asked if there were more “candid collectors” and that they should personally message him so he could attain more pictures.

The crackdown was made viral by Ain Husniza, who spearheaded the conversation regarding rape culture in Malaysian schools. She has also been invited to speak at UNICEF for her activism, making her a notable figure when it comes to issues regarding women and their safety in this country.

Ain posted screenshots from the group on her Twitter, emphasising how repulsive the Facebook group is. Here is the tweet in full:

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Written by: Ameera Rosli