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M’sian Tik Tok Influencer Who Converted Stranger Into Islam Receives Backlash for Irresponsibility

today27 September 2021


Biodata Aisar Khaled Pelakon Drama Lelaki Lingkungan Cinta - OH HIBURAN
source: Oh Hiburan

In a world where influencers are taking centre stage when it comes to platforms that are mostly frequented by impressionable youths, it’s vital that we monitor the content that is being put out.

These influencers, more often that not, are seen as idols and their actions have a serious impact towards their young audience.

While most public figures on the internet are utilising their platforms for good by advocating for environmental issues and highlighting various injustices within the country, some are simply taking advantage of their fame to further boost their image online.

Take for example the latest controversy surrounding Tik Tok influencer Aisar Khaled, who previously angered the internet when he exploited the death of beloved singer, Siti Sarah.

Now, he is seen turning over a new leaf and distancing himself from his previous Fboy image on the popular video app by preaching religion on the streets to complete…

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Written by: JUICE Malaysia