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M’sian Woman Travels From KL To Melaka To Meet A Guy Who Stood Her Up

today16 November 2022


source: The Drum

The era of online dating has proved successful and beneficial for many, but otherwise for some.

Things are especially tricky when two people (or more, you do you) are separated by distance, but this Malaysian woman persevered and decided to drive all the way to Melaka to meet with a guy she’d been talking to.

She discussed this matter, along with more of her dating woes, via a post on Facebook:

“I don’t want to generalise males in general, but the men I’ve met appear to have issues. This guy I met is from Melaka, and I’m from KL. We met online and kept in touch for about four to five months before deciding to meet up,” she wrote, explaining that he finds it challenging to travel to KL because of his job schedule, so she opted to go to Melaka.

“On that day, I was able to leave work early and made the decision to travel there to meet him. We even agreed on a time and location, but while I was…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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