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M’sians Express Outrage At Mufti Stating PrEP Medication Should Not Be Administered To LGBT Couples

today23 January 2023


About PrEP - My PrEP Locator
source: My PrEP Locator

Unprotected sex and the sharing of needles are the leading causes for HIV/AIDS.

While there is no cure to HIV/AIDS, with medicine’s recent breakthroughs, there are various types of medication that can help treat and control it.

On the other hand, the medication PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) is used to prevent the spread of the disease in people who have not been exposed to it yet.

PrEP Cegah HIV: Pandangan Pakar Perubatan Muslim | IKRAM
source: Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia

PrEP is the most common medicine for people who are HIV negative but have a higher risk of acquiring it due to their lifestyles or the people they engage with.

When used as directed, PrEP has shown to reduce the risk of contracting HIV by up to 99%.

One might believe that all humans are entitled to the same medical assistance regardless of their social backgrounds or lifestyles, but in Malaysia, as of today, a recent development has challenged that belief.

May be an image of outdoors
Jabatan Mufti Selangor, Shah…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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