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M’sians Hire African Men For Trendy Proposals & Well-Wishes

today18 January 2024



source: RexGo Africa Wishes Video

Just when you thought we couldn’t go any bigger on celebrations, Malaysians are now enlisting the help of African individuals to convey heartfelt messages such as birthday wishes and even proposals to their crushes. 😍

In a recent viral TikTok video, the group, managed by RexGo Africa Wishes Video, assisted a Malaysian in his endeavour to ask a girl named Fatimah out on a date:

The scene featured shirtless (and very toned) African men donning matching white pants, with the frontman proudly displaying a sign that read, “Fatimah, let’s hang out. It’s my treat. Nasi Goreng Africa”:

@rexgoafricawishes Fatimah mana?🤣Pakwe kau panggil ni😘 #rexgowishes #africawishes ♬ original sound – RexGo Africa Wishes Video

Expressing the message aloud, the group showered the camera with blown kisses, complemented by lively dance moves – to a popular Malaysian song at that. Roses,…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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